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Hi, and welcome to my About Me Page. I've put this together so you could get to know me a little bit better. I call this blog A Patchy Place because I'm a bit of a patchy person. I suffer from "ACD" (artistic compulsive disorder) and my brain zips all over the place, jumping from one idea to another like a manic monkey!

My birth name is Nancy Lynne Waterbury but I also go by the name of  "Donuts" for all my artwork. You may assume I use Donuts as a name because I love eating them but the truth is I don't like them at all! The baby boy my parents had before me died of cot death so they were quite desperate for another boy and had an important name picked out for him as they did for my sister and other two brothers, all named for valued family members. I popped out with the wrong bits so they had no name for me. My mother was quite ill after my birth and had to stay in hospital for awhile so my father would visit regularly and about two weeks after my birth, still unnamed, he arrived with a box of donuts. The brand name was Nancy Lynne and my name was found! Perhaps prophetically I ended up quite the wild child, leaving home quite young and pouring all my youthful angst into that silly box of donuts. Plain sugar coated donuts at that! I thought I at least deserved some jam filling or chocolate sprinkles! Luckily, I got over being a wild child and became friends with my mother again in my early twenties. Not so luckily she died a couple of years later and I finally embraced that box of donuts, very thankful that my father hadn't brought her a box of Dolly Madison Zingers!

I have been an artist all my life and my first artistic memory was when I was a bout 4 or 5 years old. My parents very proudly came home with a brand new set of encyclopedias, a huge investment! My siblings and I were sat down in front of the bookcase to admire and be instructed on the use of these treasures. I stayed on long after the others lost interest because I was bothered by something. In each book the very first page was blank. Those silly people had not finished them properly.... but I was going to fix that! With my box of crayons by my side I very quietly drew a "beautiful" picture on each of those blank pages. When I was finished I gathered the family around to show them my brilliance. Unfortunately, they didn't think it was brilliant, nor did my bottom which I couldn't sit on properly for a week! Undeterred, I continued my drawing efforts. It was in a high school creative writing class that I received my first public acclaim with a poetry/art project. I received an A+ and the project was displayed at the front office for a few weeks!

I am also a very keen photographer with most weekends finding me out and about with my camera. I'm pretty adventurous and will go to great lengths to capture the photo I want including climbing through barbed wire fences, over walls, into streams and ponds, under bridges and through mud!

Craft and sewing have also been a big part of my life and I have a market stall where I sell handcrafted bags and other little useful things all made from upcycled materials and hand sewn.

Here's what my messy little craft room looks like.

Here's a little selection of the bags I make.

I also play a little pool and a little music.
Here's my play room!

And lastly, I have a bit of an obsession with the Simpsons. My collection is filled with things I find rather than with things things I buy new. It's getting a bit large but I can't help looking for more whenever I'm at an op-shop, market or garage sale!

Here's little bit of it!

Cheers, I hope you've enjoyed this little tour inside my life and thanks for stopping by:)

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